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About us

HMRC is going digital. This means changing how we deal with our customers as well as how we work internally.

We want the vast majority of our customers to use the digital services that we’ll offer. These will make it easier for our customers to take control of their tax affairs and get things right first time. In turn, this will help us to focus more of our resources on those who try to avoid paying what they owe.

Our digital blog is where you’ll find news about our progress and information on specific digital projects. We’ll give you behind-the-scenes updates on the work going on in our digital delivery centres, as well as insights into our technology choices and some of the challenges we’re grappling with. Posts will be a mixture of commentary on the bigger picture and how we will get there and more detailed updates on specific services in development.

We’d love to hear what you have to say in your comments and we’ll respond to as many as we can.

Please note - 

We can't answer questions from you about your personal tax affairs so please get in touch on Twitter or Facebook (from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) and our social customer support team will be happy to help.