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We all learn new things every day and are inspired in different ways. I recently had the chance to help a group of young people find out more about what careers in technology are like, and it was a really worthwhile experience

 I’m based at HMRC’s Worthing Digital Delivery Centre and co-hosted a visit from City College Brighton and Hove’s Achieve Club; a personal development course managed by the Princes Trust which gives 13 to 19 year olds a practical approach to learning to help them fulfil their potential . Our aim was to inspire the group to think more about careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM), and also to learn some practical workplace skills.

Our first challenge was to tailor the day to the young people who turned up, all with different needs and different goals in life. Together with my co-host from Capgemini, we set the young people a number of ‘tasks’, working in teams to explore technology and digital topics.

This included a session on driver less cars and looking at the benefits and risks of automated motoring. They had some great insights into how this technology could make a real difference like a sick or injured person instructing their driver less car to get them to the nearest hospital.  We also looked at their favourite Apps and what three things they would do to change them given the opportunity.

We talked about the topics from the point of the people who create the technology, finding out about different roles such as what software engineers and business analysts do. We also took the group round the centre. They got to see what goes on and get a sense of what it would be like to work in a variety of different digital roles.

I felt inspired showing them round. It was a rewarding and challenging experience and we got some positive feedback at the end from the counsellors and from the candidates themselves. It’s easy to take some of the amazing things around you for granted just because you see them every day and sometimes we all need a bit of a reality check.

I hope the young people felt inspired too and left with a better idea of what a career in technology could mean for them.

Elisa Simmonds HMRC Digital


Elisa Simmonds

HMRC PM Fujitsu Scanning Migration


Prince’s Trust Achieve clubs encourage children and young people to remain in education and engaged in their schoolwork. Achieve clubs are aimed at 13 to 19 year olds because one of the biggest challenges faced by this age group is leaving school without the skills or qualifications needed to gain employment or enter further education.

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