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  1. Comment by Richard James posted on

    It has. Customers don't specifically request a Business Tax Account - one is created for them depending on what tax they want to manage. VAT is a business organisational enrolment that creates a Business Tax Account through the current GOV.UK registration journey.

    The Business Tax Account will show a link to a persons Personal Tax Account where only Self Assessment (self employed income) is managed - a link to the Personal Tax Account will not be present in any other circumstances. This is a security measure in case credentials are shared with someone else, such as a business partner on VAT. This prevents that person being able to access personal details for the original account holder.

  2. Comment by Brenda Treasure posted on

    Thanks for your response. I do appreciate that the two systems are running in parallel and it will take time to merge them completely. I have a Business Tax Account for my business. I did not apply to set this up but, as I am VAT-registered and submit quarterly VAT Returns, I believe this has happened automatically.
    This has not connected to my Personal Tax Account, nor that of my husband and business partner and this may be because the business is a partnership and partnerships do not pay tax under Self Assessment (but individual partners do). Could this be why there is nothing on my personal Tax Account offering me a link to Self Assessment?

  3. Comment by Richard James posted on

    We recognise that there are those like yourself who genuinely cannot get online due to their individual circumstances, such as disability, geographical location or other reasons so alternatives, such as telephone filing and home visits, will be provided for these customers; there is no intention to force you or them to go online.

    Our Needs Extra Support service launched in 2014 provides support to those in need through dedicated call handlers and a team of mobile advisers. These advisers are able to go out and meet customers face-to-face if needed, tailoring support to meet the needs of the individual. There have been over 4500 home visits and 100,000 phone calls and HMRC will continue to work to improve this service.

    The Needs Extra Support service has gone from strength to strength in helping more vulnerable customers and we’ll ensure we always have the right support for all customers so they can deal with their tax quickly and easily.

    Also Agents will continue to have a key role in supporting their customers’ use of online services and customers will be able to nominate a Trusted Helper – either a friend or relative – to manage their affairs on their behalf.

    I hope this helps yours and your Uncles situation. You can find out more about the Needs Extra Support Service here.

  4. Comment by Richard James posted on


    Sorry for the delayed response.
    From December 2015, the Personal Tax Account (PTA) was rolled out alongside the Business Tax Account (BTA).
    The Business Tax Account enables small and mid-sized businesses to see their current tax position. Businesses can log in 24/7 using any device that has an internet connection. Once businesses log in they will see their customised homepage and the taxes they have registered to pay - this could include Corporation Tax, employer's PAYE, VAT and Self Assessment - as well as details of filing or payment deadlines and tax owed.
    The Personal Tax Account brings together the personal information of our individual customers in one place and provides an overall view of the HMRC services that are relevant to their personal circumstances. These can be accessed once the customer has been successfully authenticated online. Customers can use their PTA to register for new services, update their information and see how much they need to pay - putting them in control of their relationship with HMRC and enabling them to do so at a time that suits them. It won't include details that are included on your Business Tax Account. But there is a link on the PTA homepage that will take you to the Business Tax Account if you need to use it.

    HMRC's long term aim is to have one digital account that will provide everything our individual customers need, but its still in development stage.

    I hope this clarifies it for you.

  5. Comment by Brenda TReasure posted on

    Can you tell me, please, why my personal tax account is different to others I have seen. For example, I cannot see any reference to Self Assessment or VAT on my personal tax account (even though I have been running a business in partnership with my husband for the last 21 years and file quarterly VAT Returns) whereas others I have seen do include this detail. Have I registered for the wrong type of personal tax account?

  6. Comment by Alan posted on

    I am partially sited I cannot read even large print, there is never going to be a possibility of being able to use a computer or to able to read a text with a security code.
    This is the situation with my 90 year old uncle, its never going to be possible for him to have a personal tax account. Also his house does not pick up mobile signals.
    Your comments would appreciated.
    Sent for him as he cannot see this form and does not have an email address.