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AstronautWe may not have made any giant leaps for mankind (yet!) but I can tell you about a key step we’ve taken with our API (Application Programming Interface) work since I last blogged. If you’re a developer please read on

This week we launched the Making Tax Digital for Business (MTDfB) private beta. It’s early days and still in sandbox mode but it’s there for developers to test and report back so we can refine APIs before moving into the production environment on the API platform. Then we’ll provide ‘credentials’ to developers for private access to the ready-to-be-used APIs. We don’t expect to be there for a few weeks but we’ll keep you updated on progress. This is significant for Making Tax Digital as it means that developers can use the documentation and test services to refine their own products as we jointly develop the new services.

We’ve made progress in other areas too. Having passed our GDS Service Assessment in March (hurrah!), we launched the public beta for the API Platform in April bringing lots of additional functionality to the API Developer Hub (we refer to this as the ‘Dev Hub’).

Now you can:

  • browse HMRC’s available API documentation
  • review guidance and reference documentation on interacting with the API Platform
  • register yourself as an HMRC software developer
  • create applications to be used in sandbox test environments
  • add collaborators to your applications
  • upgrade your applications to production applications.

So please take a look, we’d like to know what you think. There’s a feedback link at the top of every page, and a link to request support at the footer of every page. We’ll be reviewing all your feedback and we’ll use it to make the hub work better for you.

Recent additions to the Dev Hub are:

  • Self Assessment Pre-population APIs*
  • National Insurance API
  • Marriage Allowance APIs
  • MTDfB private beta.

(*these appear on the Dev Hub as Individual Benefits, Individual Employments, Individual Income and Individual Tax APIs)

Finally, some other small (but very significant) steps in the API world include:

API Progress
PAYE Liabilities and Payments Viewer These are written and primed for release and we’re currently end- to-end testing them. They’ll be available very soon on the Dev Hub.
Self Assessment Liabilities and Payments Viewer Following our assessment, the Making Tax Digital for Business team are reshaping the core tax services.
Online Payments Gateway We’re working with GDS to provide a cross-Government payments platform. More info on GDS blog on Payments.
VAT Online

Self Assessment Online

Following our analysis of the services, we’ve agreed that the business will redesign and reshape the core tax services before we develop the API any further.
EC Sales List Will also be reshaped as part of the changes taking place in the Customs Declarations Services programme.

That’s plenty from me for now, but feel free to leave comments and/or ask questions below.

Most importantly, please do visit the Dev Hub as soon as you can!

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  1. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on

    We don't have any plans at the moment to develop this API, but is definitely something we can look into. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Comment by Musa posted on

    Dear Sirs,

    Are there any plans to develop an API for searching the Regulated Businesses Register (also known as the MSB Register - url : ). This will be very useful for Anti-money laundering software developers.

  3. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on

    Congratulations Umer and team on launching the first test services for Making Tax Digital. I can't wait to see the great tax apps coming out of the developer community.