If only we’d had this three years ago... Digital delivery unpackaged, the manual

e00008130Interested in how to establish a digital delivery capability? Today we’re publishing a guide setting out much of what we’ve learnt over the last two years.

As those of you who’ve followed our progress know, our digital journey has been significant. We now have 450 digital specialists working in five state-of-the-art digital delivery centres across the UK and a healthy pipeline of digital talent, helped by award-winning graduate and apprenticeship schemes. In the last year alone we’ve brought to life 17 new digital services, and in 2016 we’ll complete the rollout of digital tax accounts to five million UK businesses and 50 million individuals.

We may have achieved a lot, but we’ve learnt even more in a short space of time. In the same way that we are coding in the open, this manual - or ‘the book’ as we’ve come to refer to it - is about sharing the value of our knowledge. I think that’s really important as a publicly-funded body. When we set out to create a digital delivery capability just under three years ago this document would have been immensely helpful to us. So I hope other organisations will benefit from what we didn’t have.

In HMRC, our digital journey is far from over. There’s lots still to achieve and plenty of challenges to overcome, particularly given the size and scale at which we operate. We’re just as eager to learn from others as we were three years ago and to continuously improve (a phrase you might see that mentioned a few times in the guide!), so I welcome your feedback to help us keep this ‘book’ evolving.

I want to express my thanks to the many individuals and organisations who’ve helped us along the way - you know who you are!

I hope you find something in Digital Delivery unpackaged that helps you on your own digital journey!

7 March - UPDATE - We've just published a Summary Overview of Digital Delivery unpackaged too.

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  1. Comment by Duncan Ward posted on

    With so many HMG departments on the same journey it's a great idea to share the experiences and learning, a great idea