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API Strategy

I last posted a blog on 6 October giving feedback from our first round of discussions on priorities and more detail on how we will determine the first phases of our API roadmap.

We held a second interactive session on 12 October and asked developers for their feedback on three areas:

  • Which APIs developed for HMRC's Digital Tax Accounts the community would like us to publish first
  • Which of the existing list of 21 XML APIs the community would like us to convert first
  • Two new proposed APIs supporting VAT Liabilities and Payments, and Time to Pay provisions - to determine if they would be a helpful next step in improving the customer experience

Again, we used a mixture of voice and a digital moderator tool to gather feedback and answer valuable questions from our community. During the session we got a very clear steer that developers would like us to prioritise the new digital APIs over our existing suite of XML APIs as these would bring greatest benefit to customers through an improved user experience.

Taking that feedback into account, I am delighted to announce the following as the first candidates on our API roadmap.

Capabilities within the digital tax accounts:

  • PAYE Liability and Payments Viewer
  • Self Assessment Liability and Payments Viewer
  • Online Payments Gateway

Conversion of existing XML APIs:

  • VAT Online
  • EC Sales List
  • Self Assessment Online

These six APIs will be developed by our Shipley team – who will start discovery work on 19 October. The Shipley developer team will work from our new Collaboration Zone - announced in our API strategy and I look forward to introducing the team to the developer community when we formally open  the Collaboration Zone later in the year. Keep an eye on this blog for more on that soon.

In parallel the London API team will continue work on three new APIs:

  • Self Assessment Pre-population
  • National Insurance Pre-population
  • Marriage Allowance API

These three APIs will be published to a new API developer hub at the rate of one a month from November. The London team will also start work on new APIs for VAT Payments and Liabilities and Time to Pay provisions, which we expect to deliver soon after. Please let us know by emailing if you would like to join the beta trials.

This first phase of our roadmap is designed to improve the customer offering, introduce new ways of working with the community and make progress in modernising our existing XML APIs.

The next phase of our API roadmap will include new features for Payroll and modernisation of Corporation Tax APIs, alongside other cross-cutting features such as reporting Changes of Circumstances and accessing our iForms Platform. We will run separate developer sessions to determine priorities for these shortly.

We also plan to run a new forum to enable the developer community to engage with our tax experts as we work through the design for Making Tax Easier (MTE). Again, please get in touch with us at if you would like to join these sessions or sign up for the MTE forum.

Finally I would like to thank the software community for their continued engagement as we trial new ways of working and digital tools to bring the community together. The team welcome your feedback, please let us know how we are doing.


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  1. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on

    HMRC's strategy is to move all our interactions with our customers from paper onto a digital platform. The VAT 126 (section 33 bodies) form is one of many forms and processes we are looking at to see how and when a digital offering can be provided. As you can imagine this is a big piece of work and it is too early to say when the VAT 126 process specifically might be digitised

  2. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on


    Thank you for your comments. We will give you access to our submittable iForms platform enabling you to re-use the forms within your software. Automatic population of the data from your systems – feels like a great feature for customers – but will be for you to develop.

  3. Comment by Michael Williamson posted on

    I wonder if there are any plans to provide a way for Section 33 bodies (mainly Parish Councils) to reclaim VAT electronically.

  4. Comment by Adrian Dixon posted on

    Hi Brigid, what do you mean by "accessing our iForms Platform". Does this mean that we will be able to send data from our front end system into iForms, populating the form without re-keying? Or what exactly? Thanks.