HMRC publishes its API Strategy for software developers today

I last posted in March, which seems a long time ago, talking about the work we were doing with software developers to understand their needs. I am delighted to say we have gathered those thoughts together and today published our API strategy. This follows on from our digital strategy published in autumn 2014.

I am really grateful for the help we have had from the whole community, whether meeting with my team face to face, filling out questionnaires or emailing me directly. Please get in touch via the blog if you want to know more.

More news: we have completed work on our Alpha version of a developer hub and will shortly be publishing a link to the prototype on this blog. Some of you will get a chance to view the prototype at our Developer Conference next Monday.

We will blog more following the conference.

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  1. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on


    Thank you for your comments

  2. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on

    Thanks Paul, we were a bit restricted with numbers and selected people that had helped with our research, please email SDST and get involved in the research and testing as well as using this blog to keep in touch. Regarding CHIEF and CFSP - information regarding CHIEF and CFSP is publicly available on our website, . Please get in touch if you need more info and we will join you up with the right people.

  3. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on

    Sharjil thank you for your comments - we are working on migration plans for the 'as is' to the new ways of working, once we have details we will publicly share with our customers, we will send out a little more detail when we share the roadmap and we will be inviting you to input to that.

  4. Comment by Brigid McBride posted on

    Hi Matt, you will find links to these APIs along with supporting information on our Software development for HMRC page on GOV.UK -

  5. Comment by Ian Pettman posted on

    It was a pleasant surprise to see the approach you appear to be taking with the API when I attended the Developers' conference on Monday. I hope you can continue this approach by creating an unmoderated forum open to any registered developers. I do not know what direction the threads on such a forum will take: I am sure that in amongst the inevitable inaccuracies, hobby horses and "look at me" threads there will be some of the unexpected gems that you emphasised so much during the conference.

  6. Comment by Sharjil Nawed posted on

    Hi Brigid

    The API strategy is good and definitely in the right direction especially as the accounting domain is quite advanced in the digital world.

    I would like to know more about the PAYE and Expenses integration and how this will be done.

    If this something that will be covered?


    Sharjil Nawed

  7. Comment by Eamon posted on

    There are just too many changes with UK payroll. It is in a constant state of flux, and our small payroll software development company is finding it very, very hard to keep up.

  8. Comment by Matt Woonton posted on

    Your digital strategy lists the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and Pay as You Earn (PAYE) RTI as current services with API's.
    Are these API's currently accessible as it would be beneficial to review these to see how best we can implement them?

  9. Comment by Oliver Furniss posted on

    @Brigid, great to see this published and this is a very well written document on a technical subject. Huge congratulations to you and your team.

    The teams at Xero have reacted very positively to this strategy and we look forward to working with you and your teams more closely in the future.

  10. Comment by Paul Russell posted on

    Is the Developer Conference by invite: if so how does one go about getting an invite. Is there any news on CHIEF and CFSP?