We’re really digitising government services. Want to be a part of it?

Back in December 2014, just after I joined HMRC, my first post on here was to announce digital jobs on offer. I’m excited to be posting again with news on jobs: this time to announce vacancies in both our London and Newcastle Digital Centres.

At HMRC we aren’t just talking about digital transformation - we’re doing it. Our digital teams have already:

  • built the Business Tax Account - making tax easier for over 2.6m businesses so far
  • launched the Personal Tax Account - which will enable 10m individuals to access their records and take greater control of their tax affairs by April 2016
  • transformed tax credits renewals this year - with over 600,000 people able to renew online so far, making digital the channel of choice for the first time.

Our digital operation is going from strength to strength but we need more talented digital specialists so we can do all of the things we’ve planned to do. Mark Dearnley’s most recent post will give you an idea of some of what’s in store.

Why come and ‘do digital’ at HMRC?

When Brigid McBride spoke at the London Tech Week event recently she summed it up for me. She said “It's the scale of things you get to do in government that you really don’t get to do elsewhere.” We are undergoing a major transformation programme, which includes a £200 million investment in digitisation, so customers can do more for themselves online and in real time. Our services will be available on computers, tablets and smartphones, bringing HMRC bang up to date, in line with banks and other large customer operations.

Take a look at the roles on offer and please get in touch with the named vacancy holder for each post if you want to know more. The closing date for all of these vacancies is 7 August 2015.

Social Media Analyst

Digital Delivery Operations Manager (Newcastle)

Digital Delivery Operations Manager (London)

Solutions Architect

Interaction Designer (UX)

User Researcher

Lead Scrum Master

Digital Forms Operations Delivery Manager

Head of Software Developer Support Team (SDST)

Head of Digital Service Standards Team

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  1. Comment by david t posted on

    I agree with John J - there are plenty people within Hmrc who have the skills, but always seem to pitch outside e.g. Stage 4

  2. Comment by Rob posted on

    Out all of the jobs listed only 2 of the links navigate me to job descriptions, is that right? I'd be surprised if the majority of these positions have already been filled. It would discourage me from applying to these positions if I can't access the job details.

  3. Comment by John J posted on

    Hi, I am a current civil servant and work for HMRC, I noticed that with your head of SDST post you went straight to stage 4 with recruitment. Now having had a look at the competencies required and what your searching for I believe I - or several people I know across HMRC or of course wider government would have the neccesary skills required for the job. Having said this I have been put off applying for that post because the way it has been pitched is almost as if you want external talent only, was this the intention? Do you believe that those who currently work for HMRC or wider government don't have the skills required to undertake the post, hence why you decided to look externally to recruit? I am aware that this post wasn't one of yours personally but would appreciate yours, Mark's and Brigids view.

  4. Comment by Jacqui Leggetter posted on

    It's a shame these posts are being advertised during the peak holiday period with such short timescales, this will automatically exclude some excellent potential candidates.