The journey to digital tax accounts

This week at HMRC we are looking forward to our Annual Stakeholder Conference. The event is always a good opportunity for us to get feedback on our plans, from the people who use our services, and those that represent users too.

We're hearing the phrase 'making tax easier' more often - and we'll be talking about that on Thursday. One of the key things that we are doing as part of our digital transformation is bringing services and information together in one place - with our digital tax accounts. We will be setting out how we are further developing the business tax account, and how we will be making the new personal tax account available to 10 million of our customers.

Today I'm sharing the tax account roadmaps which set out the journey we are on to develop the tax accounts for our customers. You can click on the links below to view these and add your comments or questions below.

Business Tax Account Roadmap

Personal Tax Account roadmap


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  1. Comment by Mark posted on

    I'm sorry that you appear to be having problems signing in to your Personal Tax Account. You can access the sign in page from this link If you continue to have problems accessing the service please send an email to and someone will get back to you promptly.

  2. Comment by Anna posted on


    I have created my digital account but now going back to I am redirected to and unable to find any login. ??


  3. Comment by Mark Dearnley posted on

    Sorry for any confusion caused. From 30 November the Personal Tax Account (PTA) became available to more people so now you can try it using this link

    When we designed our Annual Tax Summaries the PTA was still being developed with a limited number of customers. We didn’t have the links to the new service available at the time so we added a link to a 'coming soon' message.

  4. Comment by Louise Godfrey posted on

    I have received my Annual Tax Summary and the letter states that I can access my own digital tax account to view my details online. I have typed the annual tax summary web address into Google and I cannot find any link anywhere for me to access my own, personal tax account. Please advise.

  5. Comment by katmckee posted on

    Hi there, yes the Claim a tax refund iForm is already on GOV.UK. The link below takes you to the guide that explains who can use the service and you can access it from there


  6. Comment by Tony posted on

    Hi Mark,
    The roadmap says the first "claim a refund iform" has been implemented already.

    Which form is this?


  7. Comment by katmckee posted on

    Jonathan, thanks for your comment.

    Your Tax Account is being built iteratively which means users will see gradual improvements and less interaction with the Government Gateway over time. We are adding more services and functionality as we develop the account and we'll prioritise the development by considering user and HMRC benefits.

  8. Comment by Jonathan posted on

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for this - does the business roadmap show the plan for redesigned, user-focused services or just access via

    For example, in submiting VAT returns, I note that the access point is now via, however it still goes through to the clunky government gateway website for the actual VAT submission (not sure if that's what "accessed via tax account (live" means?). If so, where's the progress in redesigning the digital service/user experience?