What inspired you to go online today?

I’m Brigid McBride, Interim Director of Digital Transformation in HMRC and I’m pleased to say that this week we’re supporting Get Online Week.

Get Online Week aims to inspire people to get online and find out what the internet could do for them. This is a very relevant topic for us in HMRC. We have ambitious digital plans that over the next few years will see the vast majority of our customers dealing with us through the modern digital services that we’ll offer. This will make it easier, quicker and simpler for customers to deal with their tax affairs.

But we know that not everyone is ready or able to use our new digital services as people have different needs. To make sure that none is left behind we’re planning a range of assisted digital and digital inclusion services. If you’d like to know more about our digital plans, including how we’ll help those who can’t or don’t use the internet at the moment, we recently published our Digital Strategy. This sets out our digital vision and explains how things will change and when.

As a Government Department we’re also encouraging staff to get involved in relevant volunteering activities in their own local community. For example, some of our staff recently got involved in setting up a techy tea party to encourage the local community in Wirral to get online.

So, why not help by inspiring your family and friends to get online so that they too can get the most out of the Internet?

Official Get Online website

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