HMRC's new Agile Digital Delivery Centre

I’m Jason and I joined HMRC recently to head up the new Agile Digital Delivery Centre. I am really excited and proud to be part of this project and the scale of what we are looking to achieve.

We're aiming to open the centre at the end of April. I've been involved in setting up digital agile environments before, and I must say that HMRC’s will be on a par with the very best that I’ve seen in the UK. The office space will be newly-fitted, modern and state of the art – the kind of place that really fosters innovation and promotes collaborative agile working.

My team has just launched a second wave of recruitment to fill posts in the new Centre. We are looking for roles across the board, so there is something for everyone. The challenge we have is huge – to transform how 50 million customers interact with HMRC - so I’m not just looking for people with exceptional technical skills. You’ll need to be up for the challenge, be a great team worker and really want to make a difference.

If that’s you I really hope you’ll apply. If you’d like to talk to me I’ll be with my team at the jobs fair we’re holding in Newcastle on Thursday 20th March. I look forward to seeing you there!

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  1. Comment by Mark Dearnley posted on

    Thanks for your comment. It has been challenging mainly due to legacy applications and their interfaces which have been built using old browser and old Windows standards. I am pleased to report that 81% of HMRC staff now have access to Internet Explorer 8. We have now resolved nearly all the issues we had and everyone should have Internet Explorer 8 by the end of this month and Windows 7 by December.

  2. Comment by Lin Hommer simpson posted on

    Any chance of HMRC getting browers that works? In hmrc you cant even read BBC news with out the non suported MS browers crashing unlike a domestic user you can not download one that works.

    Its quite tardy, is there any other buiness in the UK with similar staff numbers that cant manage a browers that works.