Life as a software developer in HMRC

You might be thinking: “why would any digital developer want to work for a large public sector organisation like HMRC”?  The reality is that my work is nothing like you would expect!

Firstly there are the tools we get to play with on a daily basis; tools like Puppet, Scala, Play Framework and Docker which you would more commonly associate with a startup rather than a public sector organisation.  Indeed I'm struggling to think of any proprietary software I used today excluding OSX which I'm writing this on (because if I'm honest I spent most of the day inside an Ubuntu virtual machine).

Secondly there are the people I get to work with (both civil servants and contractors) who are some of the smartest and productive people you could work with.  As someone pretty new to development; this is a great environment in which to learn.  

Thirdly, there are our ways of working; Waterfall is well on its way out and Agile is on its way in.  As a result of this and other changes there are lots of decisions still to be made and plenty of scope to be part of the decisions. It’s also good to think that what I'm building will soon be enjoyed by tens of millions of customers and that we will also have saved taxpayers money in the process.

HMRC is a big organisation and we'll keep our "heritage" technology estate of enterprise software for the foreseeable future.  But in the mean time teams like mine are really shaking things up and there is no better time to be involved.

If this sounds interesting, we're hiring so why not take a look at the roles on offer.

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