HMRC's workshop with third party software developers

I wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for those who were able to attend our Third Party Software workshop. We delivered a broad understanding of the wider digital initiatives in HMRC and across government.

Here’s a brief run-through of the highlights:

  • We had a thought-provoking discussion with Paul Harrison, Digital Services Manager for the HMRC Agent Strategy highlighted the appetite of software developers to get more involved in this space. Paul will now be looking at how he can build ongoing engagement with the third party software community.
  • Julian Hatt, a Delivery Service Manager working in HMRC Business Tax Change, spoke about ambitions for HMRC’s “Tax for My Business” digital service exemplar and invited the third party software community to get involved in user testing for the beta later this year.
  • We were grateful to have Adam Cooper and Julian White join us from Cabinet Office to talk about ID Assurance. Adam talked through progress on the Individual IDA strand and gave some helpful insight into the work being done with ID Providers to deliver IDA. Julian’s focus was on Organisational IDA and Authority Management, and the Good Practice Guides being developed to tackle the ‘business IDA’ problem. Even though Julian’s team are early in the journey, from the discussion it was clear that this is already a hot topic!
  • Chris Smith, an Enterprise Architect from Companies House, came to talk about their digital strategy and highlighted the parallels of our approaches to OAuth (an open standard for digital authorisation) as a means of authorising users to interact with government services.
  • Steve Ford, a developer from AurionPRO SENA, also presented on OAuth with a live demonstration of the ways in which authentication journeys could take place in third party software. Steve showed a handful of journeys including those that allowed OAuth tokens to be embedded automatically into an application. Once again there was plenty of discussion on how this should be delivered with third party software solutions!

Many thanks to all those who took time out to present and engage with our software developers – I’m sure it was valuable for everyone to get a shared view of what’s going on.

For our next workshop in September we’ll be trying to test some of our more settled principles. We’ve asked our third party software community to provide us with user stories and we want to look at particular services to see how well those rules might work. It should help us settle some of our thinking and give us a better view of the unknowns.

If you’re a third party developer who’d like to get involved with this work, please get in touch with me.

Seems like there’s plenty of work to do. See you soon!

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