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This blog is intended to keep you up to speed with news and developments relating to HMRC’s digital services. It will also put you in touch with the people directly responsible for delivering those services - a more direct way of finding out what is going on.

HMRC’s changing digital services

The way people do business is changing, with more and more people going online to bank, shop and pay their bills.

HMRC wants to offer digital services which are so straightforward and convenient that all who can use them will choose to do so, whilst those that can’t are not excluded.

Following the launch of the Government’s Digital Strategy in November 2012, HMRC launched its own Departmental Digital Strategy in December 2012. This sets out how HMRC sees our individual customers shifting to digital channels, and how we will improve our online services for business customers.

The most recent Spending Review allocated £200 million for investment in HMRC’s digital services. Over the next three years HMRC will use this money to move more and more of our services online.

HMRC set up the Digital Solutions Programme to deliver secure services that cut costs, reduce fraud and error, and improve the experience for customers. 

 That work starts with the introduction of the four ‘exemplar’ services outlined in our Digital Strategy. You can find a description of these ‘exemplars’ in the GOV.UK policy briefing on HMRC’s new digital services.

 About this blog

 The blog is operated by HMRC’s Digital Solution Programme, but we hope to bring in posts from other parts of HMRC, and partners outside HMRC, who are helping to make these plans a reality.

 Follow this blog for the latest information on individual services as they are introduced, updates on HMRC’s progress in implementing its digital strategy, and above all how we’re making things better for HMRC customers, with the help of customers themselves.

 It is here to help you go digital with us!

Andrew Sayer
Communications Lead, HMRC Digital Solutions Programme


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  1. Comment by Andrew Sayer posted on

    Hi Sean,

    It is a very good question. In the Government digital strategy the term ‘Digital’ is defined as meaning internet-enabled devices; such as desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, so “Using Digital” would therefore be when someone uses a devices that enable them to do that.

    I would use the phrase “Using the Internet” or ”Going on-line” interchangeably. However I do think that it is important that people remember that both phases are not just about referring to when someone accesses the Web but also includes any service that is available over the Internet such as e-mail, gaming, or transferring files.

    I hope that helps but would welcome your thoughts.

  2. Comment by Sean posted on

    I think it would be useful to define what Govt means by using the internet, going online and using digital so that each term is used in the correct context when communicating with the public.